Outsourcing business services is a great way to put some of the supportive roles of your company in the hands of specialists. It can also save you money! Outsourced IT is arguably one of the most cost-effective forms of outsourcing. The setup and maintenance of costly IT equipment, data security measures, and big IT projects can call be outsourced to professionals. Learn more about which IT services can be outsourced below.

Your IT Infrastructure

Small businesses require all of the same essential hardware and software technologies that big businesses do, just on a smaller scale. The most menial task, sending an email, necessitates email application software to be installed on both the device sending and the device receiving the email, as well as a network to connect them, and a server to host that connection. Personally researching, purchasing, setting up, and maintaining the equipment to make a single email happen can cost significant amounts of time and money, making outsourced IT infrastructure a viable option.

Outsourcing IT infrastructure often takes several third-party providers. There are providers that specialize in business application software, providers that specialize in network services, and providers that specialize in email, web, and data hosting. Some large providers offer multiple strong solutions bundled-up into one compelling package.

Data Security and Compliance

The data stored on your network, your email, files, and other business information, is easily accessible to the experienced hacker if you do not have security measures in place. It is especially important to secure your data if you are dealing with client credit card numbers or medical records.

Data security providers offer a secure environment for your data, anticipating risks and mitigating threats. They can also backup your data to ensure that your business gets back up and running in no time when your network goes out. As the experts in their field, data security providers can ensure compliance with PCI and HIPAA.

Big IT Projects

Some IT projects are too specialized to be handled by in-house staff, such as web design. Few small businesses (and big businesses) have the resources in-house to develop and host a clean, streamlined website. Websites require monitoring and routine maintenance. It is important to have a team dedicated to handling issues as they arise, 24/7, especially if you have an e-commerce site and your sales are primarily web-based. Outsourcing web design services puts a team of experts at the beck and call of your site.

Your company’s technology infrastructure, data security, and IT projects can all be outsourced to third-party providers. Outsourcing IT services can save your business time and money, enabling your team to focus on productivity and growth. If you would like to outsource some of your IT services, contact a professional, friendly IT company.