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In our internet connected world, information transfers at the touch of a button. Each instance of online communication is an opportunity for intercepted information. Let us help you safeguard your business information and hold your network to the standard of security your industry requires.

Security Updates | New malware is coming out all the time. So are new antivirus updates. We stay on top of the latest updates for your computers and your network gateway to keep out the bad and keep in the good. All of this happens behind-the-scenes, so you can work uninterrupted and worry-free.

Network Monitoring | We monitor your network 24/7, 365. We are the first to know about suspicious activity that could indicate an impending attack and block it. Intruders hit a brick wall on our watch. We fix problems before they happen by automating network updates, cleanups, and restarts to run overnight so that you come to work every morning to a fully-functioning system.

Spam Control | Your employees need to focus on productivity, not determining the credibility of an email. We block phishing attempts to limit the chances of valuable information leaving the company. We also block emails from unknown addresses and those containing inappropriate information.

Secure VPN | Access company files when you are out of the office with a secure connection. We will establish a secure, virtual private network (VPN) for you and your employees for when you travel or work from home.

Compliance Assessments | Ensure compliance with our network security assessments. We will review your network security system to check it against HIPAA and PCI regulations.


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