Data Recovery

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We take a holistic approach to data backup, considering ALL of the factors that contribute to successful data recovery.

Automatic, Hourly Backup | How many times do you make changes to your files in a week, a day, or an hour? Chances are, you are in the middle of editing a document or spreadsheet right now. We set up backups to run automatically on an hourly basis so that your latest changes are captured before disaster strikes. With automatic backups, you do not need to worry about manually backing up files after each minor change. We’ve got you covered!

Three Locations | Disaster comes in a variety of forms—corrupted files, computer viruses, user error, and more. Data should be copied to a variety locations. We backup data in three places, both on and offsite. When calamity happens, there is always an option to restore.

Monitoring for Success | If you have ever tried backing up data yourself, you know what it is like to receive the error message that files were unable to back up. We monitor our automatic backups for failure 24/7 and take care of incomplete backups when they occur.

Verification and Reporting | Verification checks successful backups for data integrity. Nothing is worse than opening a restored file and finding it partially blank. We run verification tests and pull reports to ensure that your data is being backed up accurately and in full.

Same-Day Virtualization | Get back up and running in no time if your network goes down. We can run a copy of your desktop on any computer so that you can continue working while we resolve issues with the original version. Having a full data recovery strategy can give you peace of mind about your business data. Contact us today to get started!

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