Being in business means facing challenges and overcoming them. One of the greatest challenges faced by business owners is that of employee productivity. Employees are often one of the biggest expenses of a business, making an unproductive employee a significant liability. Fortunately, IT can turn an unproductive employee into an asset. From information accessibility to connectivity, learn more about the benefits of IT for employee productivity.

1. IT Saves Time by Making Important Information Easily Accessible

It can be incredibly frustrating to be on the phone with a customer and unable to find the information they need, wasting the time and energy of both parties. Simple software solutions such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems can solve this problem. CRM systems can be setup to have profiles for each individual customer, containing important information like their ID number with the company, the last time they were contacted and any files that were exchanged. What could have been a 30-minute phone call can be reduced to 5 or less with access to information because the right IT was in place.

Perhaps in the same phone conversation the customer asked a question pertaining to another department. Instant messaging software allows the employee on the phone to pose the question online and get an answer immediately without waiting for the other department to pick up the phone or respond to an email. Once more, this saves time on what could have been a much longer phone call, all because of easy access to information. Instant messaging software helps employees get the answers they need so they can move on with the task at hand.

2. IT Improves Efficiency Through Collaboration

Meetings are renowned for inefficiency. Add task management software to the equation, and the number of meetings required to complete a project goes down while the efficiency of meetings goes up. Task management software allows project managers to break projects down into their most fundamental components and assign them to the parties involved. A meeting without task management software is full of forgotten tasks and reminders to complete objectives. A meeting with task management software is scheduled once the next phase of tasks have been completed and it is time to make another decision.

3. IT Creates Flexibility by Keeping Everyone Connected

More and more companies are hiring employees that work from home or out of state. IT can bridge the connectivity gap created by these long-distance work relationships, making the productive telecommuter a possibility for any business. Video conferencing allows telecommuters to speak face-to-face with their fellow employees or share screens to demonstrate something they are working on. Secure, cloud file storage or a secure VPN allows telecommuters to access the same company files everyone else is working with, wherever they are. Mobile-compatible systems allow telecommuters to connect with the company using any of their own devices.

IT is the answer to many of our employee productivity questions, and the number of software solutions available to business owners to solve very specific employee productivity problems is astounding. If you feel like your employees are not performing as they could be, consider consulting a professional IT company. They can walk you through the software options available and help you find a solution that fits your unique needs.