Most business owners know somewhere in the back of their minds that yes, data back up is important. Unfortunately due to many concerns including budget, manpower, and technology requirements data backups often gets pushed to the back burner. When something does happen, and you need that data NOW, it’s often too late. Here are some examples of when having a backup and recovery system in place is a business saver.

Your Computer Crashes

While technology is great when it works, it can derail your whole company when it fails. Hardware fails are still a fact of business we have to deal with, but the impact on your employees and your ability to continue to function is minimized when you can recover the data that has been backed up.

A Virus Infects your System

This nightmarish situation is frustrating and discouraging. A virus corrupts the data on your computer. In the best case scenario, a virus scan is run, the virus is removed as well as the damaged files. In the worse case scenario, the virus corrupts the computer beyond recovery, and new hardware needs to be purchased. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, knowing you have your data backed up and don’t have to recreate everything offers some peace of mind.

Your Computer Gets Damaged

Accidents unfortunately happen. The third cup of coffee for the day gets spilled all over your laptop. Your old computer you have been nursing along finally dies. You’re moving offices, and someone drops a computer. You don’t want your valuable data to exist in that one spot (the damaged computer) and beyond your reach.  Having it backed up in multiple locations means while you still have to deal with the broken computer, your information is accessible, and you can keep working.

Your Computer Gets Stolen

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of that gut wrenching call from your landlord or the police that your business has been broken into, you know how disruptive and disheartening it is. Having your data backed up means you can get up and running faster even on burrowed equipment if you have to.

Your Server Fails

If you have a server, it cannot be the only place you back up your data. Servers are computers, and their hardware fails too. Having multiple backup sources is vital to survival into today’s data driven business environment.

A Disgruntled X-Employee Does Something Stupid

We would all like to believe the best in people and hope that none of our employees are ever angry enough to do something disruptive. Unfortunately, people can make some bad decisions and could steal computers, servers, or other sources of information. Again, having multiple backups can save the day and enable your business to continue to function smoothly.

You have to Access Historical Data

As you know as businesses, we are required to keep historical data around for certain periods of time. And sometimes you have to dig into historical data for clients or tax purposes. When the data is backed up, you don’t have to worry about if you still have that computer around from 4 years ago. All the information is in one place.

You Want to Remain Competitive

Just about anywhere you have your business, there is the potential for some kind of natural disaster to reek havoc. The first businesses that can get back on their feet are going to come out on top. Down time is death for any business so being able to access your data and function, even in a limited capacity, means you can still take care of your customers.

Data backup and recovery often gets back-burnered for more immediate concerns. However, some planning and working with a professional, friendly IT company will ease much of the stress when you do end up dealing with any of the nightmares above.